Nikolaos Divinis Cv
Nikolaos Divinis

I was born in Thessaloniki, in 1972. After completion of high school (Pilot School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), I started my bachelor degree in Mechanical engineering in UK. A profession I didn’t font of, as my dream was to become a professional pilot.

During my studies, when I was about 20 years old, I was diagnosed with brain tumor. A fact that not only didn’ t stop me from achieving things in life, but pushed me to a different way of thinking and interpreting life around me. I consider it the greatest gift life has given me, despite losing my eyesight (from one eye) and the ability of becoming a professional pilot.

After concluding my undergraduate studies, I enrolled in GW University as a graduate student, studying Aerospace engineering.

Two subjects affected me the most during my studies. One was Aircraft design and the other one was Astrodynamics.

I matured academically with my PhD. The research area was in physiochemical phenomena and decompression sickness. The experiments were conducted in microgravity conditions, with the help of European Space Agency’s parabolic flight campaigns in Bordeaux France. One at life time experience.

I worked at the industry, universities and research centers in Greece and USA. The last 18 years I teach to universities and professional pilots academies. I am reviewer in scientific journals, and have participated in various Greek and European research programs. I hold a Private Pilot License and an Open Water diver license.

But the most significant of all is my family, my wife Labrini Tzelepi, Chemist, MSc and our two boys.

My life is devoted to free people from all stereotypes that confine them and to widen their way of thinking.