Innovaspace Online Short Course 23 January 2021

Nikolaos Divinis Innovaspace Online Short Course 23 January 2021 Uncategorized


Assuming the Earth is a huge spacecraft and we are the Astronauts, how would we deal with the restrictive under confinement conditions of our mission? In a simple scientific language from the field of medical physiology (Dr. Thais Russomano, Dr. King’s College, Innovaspace) and Aerospace (Nikolaos Divinis, PhD, Innovaspace) starts a scientific-philosophical dialog intended to give a different view of the restriction due to covid 19…

The purpose of the seminar is to broaden the mind, to propose visuals beyond stereotypes and to help the man see conditions otherwise!

All participants will receive a digital Certificate of Attendance from InnovaSpace after the course ends

Use link HERE for more info and registration details