Why Our Flesh is Weak?

Nikolaos Divinis Why Our Flesh is Weak? Uncategorized

Why Our Flesh is Weak?

When science and philosophy meet and get applied, they give us the answers to “see” life from a perspective of freedom and not fear. The deeper concept of knowledge frees human and helps him, amongst others, to explain the events happening in his daily life in a healthy, positive way.

It needs to be understood that we live in a society of hypocrisy and dominant tendencies. Humans are used to impose their sick and fearful positions under a mask of morality, in order to survive in this society. They don`t express the position of essence and ethos which suits them. This is also the reason why we get ill. The power of defending the essence which all of us, without exceptions, carry, but deliberately refuse to express. The goal is to strengthen yourself so that you are not a carrier of this illness. For a pandemic to stop, individuals must stop being the carrier of the virus. To stop being a carrier and heal essentially and permanently, someone needs to be isolated from the elements that make him sick.

Nikolaos Divinis Why Our Flesh is Weak? UncategorizedLife is full of encouragements and discreet proposals, which lead us to being more invulnerable, immune and undeviating towards human weakness. This helps human beings, to make the right/healthy decisions for themselves.

All this is neither romantic, nor theoretical. Practice and exercise are needed. It is urgent, that we begin to think, so that we can act and not react. So that we start hearing, learning, but also evaluating, being immune to fears and pettiness, otherwise we don’t differ from a baby.

Disunity, egoism, nonsense and implementation of power need to be converted into unity, collaboration, common spirit and freedom. And how can this be done?” If you want to solve a problem in physics, first you have to learn the theory and as a next step apply the theory into practice, solving enough exercises so that you acquire solving skills. Patience and persistence are needed. The essence is neither achieved by pills and positive energy, nor lists and quick procedures or prayers. Participation and training are needed. After a period, as unknown and difficult this training which you will face might be, you will solve it.

Otherwise, you will always need the help of a teacher. Would you like to proceed as an autonomous unit or as a person that is being controlled? The essence, in this finite life, is for the human being, to express his greatness without doubts, hesitation, musts and pettiness, hidden behind society`s stereotypes and fearful mentality. He simply needs to decide. It is a pity to sit in the sand and watch the ocean from a safe distance, when you can simply decide to engage yourself into the vast opportunities which it can offer you.

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